Independent Loss Adjusters Managing Your Insurance Claim

Independent Loss Adjusters

If your property has suffered from significant insured damage, dealing with your insurer can be frustrating and very time consuming. Independent loss adjusters or even loss assessors may be able to help you to achieve your full claim entitlement. This can be obtained with much less inconvenience to you by managing your insurance claim on your behalf.

Typically, when you approach your insurance company to declare your claim, you may be passed around from pillar to post. It can be frustrating trying to find out how you claim is progressing. If every time you get in touch with your insurer you end up speaking to somebody different each time.

You may go over the same conversation again and again. Then you find out your insurance claim is still at the same stage it was last time you called. Why would you put yourself through this when there are professional independent loss adjusters that can do this on your behalf?

Your Very Own Insurance Claims Handler

Independent loss adjusters working on your behalfWouldn’t it make sense to have a dedicated insurance claims manager working for you instead who is controlling the situation? By employing your own insurance claims management company, you could have your own dedicated loss adjuster. They will be the point of call to all your queries throughout your claim.

Not sure about something regarding your claim? Pick up the phone and your dedicated loss adjuster will take the time to explain the situation and put your mind at ease. When appointing your own loss adjusters, you should look out for reviews and testimonials from previous clients. You may be able to find this information either on their own website, public review sites such as Trustpilot or even Google.

Just like with most types of business, not all loss adjusters will have a perfect review score. If they did you may find it a bit manufactured or suspicious. Instead, take the reviews at face value and make your own opinion based on what previous customers have had to say about them.

A good loss adjuster will be one that stands up for their client. One who is not afraid to second guess the decisions they your insurer may initially take and negotiate towards a much fairer settlement. A reputable loss adjuster may even offer you some help and advice before you sign up to their services.

Regulated Loss Adjusters

Regulated and authorised insurance claims management servicesMany loss adjusters who are employed by your insurer may not be regulated. When deciding on employing your own loss adjuster it is always beneficial to look for good credentials. This may be in the form of a CILA member (Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters) or a company that is FCA regulated (Financial Conduct Authority).

A great loss adjuster will be able to have a good overall understanding of the losses that you have incurred. Difference causes of damage can reflect greatly on your final settlement figure. When your property has been damaged by fire, water damage generally occurs as a result of extinguishing it.

Flood damage is one that can take weeks before any repair work can be undertake. Water damaged properties need to be dried out with dehumidifiers. Water damaged items will need to be cleaned and repaired and placed in secure storage. Your loss adjuster will also have to calculate the cost of replacement items that cannot be repaired to the previous condition.

For impact damage or subsidence your loss adjuster would call on the assistance of a surveyor in order fully evaluate the full extent of the damage. They would be able to submit a detailed assessment to your insurer with the recommended costings to fully repair your property.

Loss Adjusting Fees

So how much does it cost to hire the services of an independent loss adjuster who manages the claim on your behalf? Loss adjusters will generally charge about 10 percent of the final settlement figure. They also will not charge you any upfront fees.

Reputable loss adjusting companies will be in contact with networks of qualified builders. Loss Adjusters experienced in repairing fire and flood damaged properties. Some loss adjusting firms will even waive their client’s fees based on them agreeing to appoint their recommended contractor networks.